Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lacy bras are itchy

I decided I needed to get a bra when I was 14 and i caught the younger girls at gymnastics giggling at my jiggling booblets after a run up to the pommel horse. A few girls at school already had bras but nobody was really talking about it so I had no idea where to start, what bras were available or what they should look/ feel like.

I approached my mum one night to ask her about getting me a bra. She said I didn't need one yet - umm, yes I did (I think she thought she could keep me from growing up by keeping me out of a bra). After a bit of nagging she finally took me shopping and purchased what looked to me like a pretty nice bra - it was beige with lacy bits in the centre. The next day I decided to wear my bra to school for the very first time. It itched like crazy and I spent the whole day wishing I could take it off. I've never liked lacy bras since... but I did know a girl at school who spent all her money on lacy bras and only wore matching bras and undies!

Things I didn't know about bras:
-They don't have to be lacy; the non-lacy ones are the most comfortable!
-They come in underwire and non underwire. The ones with wire are for larger boobs that jiggle a bit more (probably cup size B and above)
-When buying a bra to fit you, you need to think about cup size and band size. The cup size represents the size of the jiggly bits, the band size is the size of your rib cage under the jiggly bits.
-Bras go from cup size A all the way to N! I started at an A when I was 14 and went to a G when I was pregnant. Boobzilla!
-Most women spend their lives wearing the wrong bra size. As you'll be wearing one pretty much every day for the rest of your life, it's a good idea to get fitted for one.

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